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    New Products
    Can Packaging Differentiation
    With the novel and unique appearance design, the products of packaging differentiation can improve the recognition of product brands; it concentrates more on the consumer experience on the level of the grip, fun and portability of packaging, and it meets
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    News Bulletin
    10 / 15
    Standing together through storm and stress,going forward hand in hand with ‘Jin’
    Since October, Shanxi Province has experienced the strongest autumn flood since the meteorological records. Extreme heavy rainfall has occu...
    07 / 29
    Brilliant "Qian" Journey Presents Outstanding | ORG Packaging Co., LTD. Landing
    On July 28, Reignwood Fast Moving Consumer Goods Beverage (Guizhou) Co., Ltd. and Guizhou production base, Guizhou ORG Packaging Co., Ltd...
    07 / 23
    Qiqihar’s Mayor Led a Team to Inspect ORG’s Factory in Huairou Beijing
    On July 8, 2021, Zhou Yuan, Vice Chairman of ORG Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Yufei, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Innovat...
    ORG Technology Co.,Ltd
    ORG Technology Co.,Ltd. is an integrated packaging comprehensive solution provider concentrating on brand planning, packaging design and manufacturing, filling services and multi-informational auxiliary marketing services. Started in 1994 in Wenchang, Hainan, and established in 1997, the company has dedicated itself to the research, development, design, production and sales of food and beverage metal packaging products for a long time. When providing the manufacturing of the packaging products with various food, beverage, canned, beer and dairy products for customers, at the mean time, it offers the integrated packaging comprehensive solution including high-tech packaging design, manufacturing and comprehensive customer service.
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